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Photo Tickets – Washington vs. Oregon

Ever get a photo ticket in Washington? We get calls every week from clients wondering if a Washington photo ticket – speeding or red light – will go on their driving record. The answer in Washington is no.

The driver is never identified during the picture taking – our Washington tickets are tied to the registered owner of the vehicle. They are like parking tickets and do not appear on your DOL abstract. RCW 46.63.170(2)

But as you head out on your summer driving, know that some photo tickets in Oregon DO go on your driving record and could therefore have a big impact on your insurance rates.  For example, Portland adopted a fixed photo radar system in their High Speed Network of 30 streets which is overseen by police officers.

Each camera takes pictures of the car, the driver and other key details.  The data is reviewed by a police officer for identification before an infraction is issued.

If you’re traveling 11+ miles over the limit and the reviewing officer confirms identity, an infraction is mailed to the registered owner.  The registered owner is presumed to be the driver.  If you were not actually driving the car, it’s your job to prove you weren’t – a “rebuttable presumption”.

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