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Other Crimes

We have the combined experience of over 50 years of representing people like you for almost every conceivable misdemeanor charge. Some of the types of cases we handle include the following:

The Steps of a Criminal Case

There are two major steps in any criminal case, and the first of these is the pretrial stage. In order to effectively represent you at this stage, a criminal defense attorney must be a persuasive and skilled negotiator – someone who can explain the evidentiary issues in your favor to a prosecutor and can give a prosecutor a better understanding of you and the circumstances.

Our initial goal in taking on your case is to get some kind of an offer from the prosecutor which will either keep a criminal conviction off of your record, or, at the very least, get a favorable reduction in charges.

Once we obtain what we believe to be the “best offer,” it becomes your decision as to how to proceed. Nobody has to take an offer. While we may tell you that the offer made is a good one, it is still up to you as to whether you take that offer or whether we go to trial.

The benefit of an offer is that the ball is entirely in your court – you are in control of what happens. Such an offer may be an immediate amendment down to a lesser charge or infraction, or it may take the form of a continuance of your case for a period of time during which you may be required to attend a class, perform some community service hours, maintain law abiding behavior, etc., in order to “earn” a dismissal or an amendment to a non-criminal infraction.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

The second major step in any criminal case is the trial stage. If you decide that you want to challenge the charge against you in front of a jury, you need an effective, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney.

You need an attorney who is not afraid to go to trial – one who knows how to put the best defense forward on your behalf. When you go to trial, you are relying upon a jury of your peers to listen to all of the evidence presented to them and to make a decision as to your innocence or guilt.

If you do decide to take your case to trial, you could not have more thoroughly prepared, dedicated, and passionate advocates on your side. While the jury will make a decision based on the facts as applied to the law, it certainly does not hurt to have a personable and charismatic attorney who knows how to argue your defense in a way that rings true with a jury.

Payments & Fees

For cases in the Tacoma/Pierce County area, we charge a flat fee for all of our services up to and including trial. We also handle cases in King, Kitsap, Lewis, Mason, and Thurston Counties. Cases in these courts will oftentimes require an additional “trial fee” above and beyond our initial charge, but we will inform you about that up front so that you can make an informed decision.

Payment plans are always available, and we are more than happy to tailor one to your particular needs. We pride ourselves on fair pricing for our services. We have done this by keeping overhead low and limiting our practice area. Pay only for what you need – smart and aggressive legal representation.

Talk to an Attorney Now

When you call us, you will immediately be talking with an attorney. This is one of our unique strengths in the world of criminal defense attorneys. There is no receptionist, no phone tree to navigate, no call waiting – just an attorney waiting to help you through what can be a traumatic life experience with kindness, knowledge, and skill. Call us today! We welcome your inquiries!