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Infractions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

As you head out on the roads this summer, keep this infraction in mind – you can be pulled over in Washington for driving continuously in the fast lane.

Generally, unless you are passing, you don’t want to camp in that left lane.  The full text of the law is contained at RCW 46.61.100(2).

And if you’re heading out towing your trailer, you cannot drive in left lane on multi-lane highways. RCW 46.61.100(3).

Here’s another infraction you might not be aware of: it’s a $136 fine to hand an officer your registration if it’s not signed. RCW 46.16a.180.

Sounds crazy, we know, but we’ve had many clients cited for this over the years once they are pulled over for speeding.

Take a minute and have all registered vehicle owners sign your registration!

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