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2019 DUI Law Change

Most people are unaware that a DUI arrest generally results in TWO actions against you.  One is a criminal court case and the other is a DOL action to suspend or revoke your license.

The DOL system is complicated and too intricate for one of our short emails. But this is an important change and we want you to know that after January 1st, if you are arrested based on a breath test (vs. a blood draw) you only have 7 days from your date of arrest to request a DOL hearing and pay your $375 hearing fee.

If you are arrested and subjected to a blood draw, you have 7 days from the date DOL sends you a suspension notice.

Many people will not even be charged with a DUI at the 7-day mark and may not even have a court date.  Just remember…DOL does not wait for you to be charged.

Your license could be suspended for at least 90 days. Want to read more?

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